S/S accessory décalcomanie for 'Dazed'
Drawing with cosmetics for 'Dazed'
I was commissioned by Fashion magazine 'Dazed and confused' Korea to paint a picture with cosmetic products. 'Dazed' povided me with makeup products of S/S season such as eyeliner, rouge and eyeshadow. It was highly enjoyable project to me in that I was able to draw something with such a soft texture and delicate . vivid colors of cosmetics.
Study Botany-Tinny honey
'Study Botany' project is the way how Pionara study plants visually. These photos show research on patterned species Phalaenopsis 'Tinny honey'.
Eyeglasses studies
It was my goal to make sculptures only with things on my desk. After experimenting with a few kinds of stuff on my desk, I opted for eyeglasses to deepen this study. Since the items were used by me, I had to fix and arrange them without glue. Therefore I chose to put things on the flat surface or bind them with a bit of material on the desk.
Study botany-Seed diversity
These are butterfly-artworks made of real butterfly specimens, interpreting and shaping the message given by butterfly through its shape and pattern.
My own graph
I found a pie graph in my daily life.
T-shirt design for 'Dazed' and 'grolsch brewery'
Study Botany- unusual flower arrangement
'Study Botany' project is the way how Pionara study plants visually.
walking butterflies
sometimes, I imagine normal things acting totally different way from a stereotype. This image is one of that kind of my imagination. Even though people think that butterfly only flies, they love to walk with wings whenever people don't see them.
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